Depth voice, Deep Listening, Deep Chant

A Far-Reaching Sound Healing Journey


Date: Teil 1:
26 Sep 2020
Teil 2:
27 Sep 2020
Teil 3:
3 Oct 2020
Time: each 18:30–20:30
Teacher: Silvia Nakkach (BRA)
Language: English translated into German
Costs: CHF 240
Course location: ZOOM

Recommended reading: Silvia Nakkach: "FREE YOUR VOICE - Awaken to Life Through Singing"

Be transformed by the power of sound and music guided by Silvia Nakkach, a Grammys® nominated musician, renowned scholar, and pioneer in the field of sound and consciousness studies. Her approach to freeing the voice through deep listening, integrates every dimension of healing with sound; the scientific, the yogic, the creative, the therapeutic, and the shamanic. You’ll experience how the voice as inspired sound becomes the conduit to higher creativity, stress reduction, and cultivating a fulfilling wellness practice.

Through a combination of deep listening, devotional chanting, ancient nada yoga practice, and intuitive music-making, this immersive weekend is a special opportunity for anyone with a sincere interest in broadening their experience of the affective power of sound and the voice in order to enhance and advance their practice. The areas of studies include: the science of sound, the yoga of the voice, mindful breathing, Indian ragas and indigenous medicine melodies (Icaros and mantras), the singing spine, along with the fundamentals of the body of voice and the voice as a mirror of our energetic disposition.

Everyone, regardless of musical training, Participants will take home practical skills of deep listening, voice, and sound that can be integrated into your personal and professional life, including medicine, nursing, chiropractic, psychotherapy, bodywork, yoga classes, performance, education, and energy therapies. You’ll grow as a practitioner while injecting even more inspiration and knowledge into the already thriving fields of sound and music therapies, the devotional voice, and the shamanic journeys.

Learning Objectives:
  • Understanding and applying the healing potential of deep listening and centering auditory stimulation.
  • Learning to implement the grounding energy of devotional sound to cultivate openness and vitality.
  • Experience the practice of vocal meditation and the poetics of medicine melodies from across the world.
  • Increase the potential of intuition and concentration by focusing on the ONE INFINITE SOUND (anahata naad), and the ancient yogic wisdom of sound.
  • Becoming familiar with the power and subtleties of the shamanic chant and journey.
  • Learning techniques to open energetic fields and create sympathetic resonance by means of voice and sound.
  • Releasing tensions and vocal impediments through yoga of the voice exercises and classic voice development practices.
  • Experience Singing as spiritual practice beyond personal conditioning

Silvia Nakkach

Silvia Nakkach, MA, MMT, is a Grammy-nominated musician, a pioneer in the field of sound and transformation of consciousness, an award-winning composer, an internationally renowned vocal artist, author, and a former music psychotherapist. She is the founder and artistic director of Vox Mundi School of Sound and the Voice, an international project devoted to teaching and preserving sacred musical …